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As a mortgage broker or agent, we understand how important your customer relationships are to you in your business. To gain a deeper insight into the various ways you leverage PurView, we asked the question, ‘How do you use PurView to engage with your existing clients?’ Many users shared their proactive perspectives with us, including one of our contest winners, Doug Girven.

We are excited to highlight the successes of Doug and learn more about himself, his business and how PurView continues to play a role in his client engagements. Proactive Perspective with PurView

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself, your role and how long you’ve worked in the industry:

A: I retired from a 20+ year Bank career (Commercial) in January 2017 and started as a Mortgage Agent shortly thereafter. It was a fairly easy transition from my financial background. (I am not one to sit around in fuzzy slippers reading the newspaper.)

I also received training from Home Equity Bank as a Reverse Mortgage specialist originally in March 2017.

I have been active as a Mortgage Agent (now level 2) since that time.

Q: Why did you become a mortgage agent?

A: My passion is helping retirees. I can easily relate, as I am also a part of the growing “senior” demographic. Since the beginning, I have helped dozens of people with a Reverse Mortgage and it has been an ideal solution for them.

I have many stories of people who are now settled in their “golden” years with some certainty of financial stability. This is why I do what I do. Of course, I also help couples buy their first home or move up and, in some cases, refinance.

Q: How does PurView help you in your daily business?

PurView reports are my staple reference for new and prospective clients. They are a key component to establishing the property value. In most mortgage refinance applications, and particularly in reverse mortgage applications, the value of the property is the starting point. I use the PurView report to confirm the title ownership and that is important given the frequency of fraudulent activity in mortgage lending.

I can have this information at my fingertips, and this puts me in a very strong competitive position in the mortgage market, and it gives me a sense of certainty before I spend valuable time on the application.

Q: How do you leverage PurView to remain competitive in the current market climate?

I can recommend PurView to all Mortgage Agents and in particular new Agents to get them in the best position to help their clients and avoid time wasted on applications that are not supported with a credible property value, and confirmed property title and relevant data.

Thank you to Doug for sharing his story with us! If you would like to learn more about PurView and how to leverage it in your business, click here.