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As a mortgage broker or agent, offering exceptional service to your clients is always your top priority. To support you further in your business, PurView offers you extensive property data and title information to allow you to thoroughly conduct your business and support your clients throughout the application process.  

Enhanced data offerings 

As an Alberta mortgage broker or agent, you have exclusive access to enhanced property data through a PurView subscription. With a PurView Property Report, you can verify the following: 

  • Ownership information* 
  • Historical comparable sales* 
  • Title information* 
  • Assessment Information & Valuation 
  • Structural Details 
  • Mortgage information* (mortgage amount, lending institution, date issued etc.) 

*Available with title search 

In addition to the data included in the PurView Property Report, you also have the ability to purchase a Title Certificate.  This certificate will provide deeper insight into the title information required to conduct your due diligence for your clients and verify property information prior to starting the application process.  

What is an Alberta Title Certificate? 

A Title Certificate is a legal document that serves as a record of property ownership, including legal interests, and encumbrances registered against title. This information is essential to getting a fulsome understanding of the property your clients are interested in, verifying title information, understanding any potential red flags on a property and more.  

Building deeper client relationships by conducting your due diligence  

Having access to the following information is critical in building stronger relationships with your clients. A PurView Property Report coupled with title search allows you to complete the following due diligence: 

  • Verify ownership details 
  • Analyze market trends 
  • Identify any easements or liens on a property 
  • Understand the history of the property  
  • Determining if there’s a registered mortgage on title  

By doing a deep dive into their property, you will garner trust with your clients and protect them from any red flags that could potentially exist on the property. You can also be proactive in informing your clients of their revised property value each year and determine upcoming renewal dates by accessing the registered mortgages on title. Offering your clients this insight will help elevate your service offering and allow you to remain competitive in the market.  

 Want to learn more about the Property Reports offered to Alberta mortgage brokers? Check out this educational video for more insight or register for our upcoming course to learn how you can harness the power of PurView in your everyday business.