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To better help you succeed with clients, PurView offers a variety of tools that allow you to dig deeper into property data to thoroughly conduct your business due diligence.

PurView offers access to  Instrument Images which, alongside a Parcel Register, can provide further insight into interests on title to property.

Registered Instruments are official products of Ontario’s Land Registration System and contain data required by government pursuant to provincial land registration statutes.  The data contained in Registered Instruments is derived from POLARIS (the Province of Ontario Land Registration Information System).

Get a fulsome understanding of the mortgage on title

An image of a registered mortgage will display the lender’s name and address for service, as well as information about the party who registered the instrument.   The Instrument Image will also provide any additional mortgage details that were included in the document, such as the interest rate, payment date and balance due date.  It will also indicate the name of any guarantor on the mortgage.

An Instrument Image can serve as a valuable secondary source of information and help to identify potential issues that may impact a transaction.

How to pull an Instrument Image for an Ontario Property

If you do not already know the Instrument Number for the document you wish to review, you will first need to request a Parcel Register of the subject property using existing PurView functionality.  To pull an Instrument Image in PurView, select ‘Instrument Search’ from the navigation bar at the top of the page.

Instrument Images

Enter the appropriate Instrument Number in the “Instrument #” field to obtain the document for a fee of $3.00 + taxes.

The data found on an Instrument Image will help you further investigate property information and mortgage details.  The Instrument Image, together with the Parcel Register, will provide a broader understanding of the history of the property, help to identify red flags early in the transaction process and work to mitigate any risks with your transaction. This data can help streamline your operations, and help you build a solid relationship with your clients.

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