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In a dynamic and ever-changing market, leveraging the selection of capabilities of PurView is your key to propelling your success using property data sourced from provincial land registries. Your access to PurView provides a competitive advantage and helps you remain informed in your business, but are you tapping into every powerful feature available at your disposal?

Let’s dive into PurView’s capabilities to ensure you’re making the most out of this essential solution.

Access complete property information:

In a single, comprehensive PurView report, you will have access to all the critical property information you need to conduct your business effectively. Each PurView report provides authoritative property information that not only validates the information provided by homeowners, but also unveils any undisclosed information on the property, including additional names on Title, potential liens, encumbrances and more.

Validate ownership and sales history:

PurView offers you the ability to confirm legal homeowners and explore the property’s sales history to gain a comprehensive understanding of its background. With access to ownership and title information, you can also mitigate any potential fraud.

Leverage our proven Automated Valuation Model:

Empower your decision-making by leveraging our proven Automated Valuation Model (AVM) to obtain an accurate estimate of the property’s value. This invaluable tool helps you validate deals before making your move.

See comparable sales:

Get a quick snapshot of neighborhood sales comparables to gauge how similar properties are performing in the market, providing crucial insights into property value estimation and further neighbourhood information.

Gain insight into potential equity:

Uncover details about all registered mortgages on title and estimate equity for mortgage refinances, home equity lines of credit, and more. This information can be leveraged when engaging with existing clients, to help keep them informed on the possible options available to them.

Access Aerial Imagery:

Access to the property’s aerial imagery provides a bird’s-eye view, street-level perspectives, and more, offering a comprehensive visual understanding.

Additional resources to leverage:

  • Check Liens: Reveal any hidden liens against the property.
  • Fraud Check: Quickly identify suspicious activities or flags signaling potential fraud.
  • Parcel Registers: Dive into registered encumbrances, including liens, mortgages, transfers, and more, with real-time reports and instrument numbers.

With PurView, mortgage professionals are armed with the property information and resources they need to thoroughly conduct their business.

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