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Customer service is of utmost importance to your mortgage brokerage or agency. To gain deeper insight into the various ways you use PurView in your business, we asked the question ‘How do you use PurView to engage with your existing clients?’ Many users shared their proactive perspective with us, including one of our contest winners, Bethany Gradwell.

We are excited to highlight the successes of Bethany, and learn a bit more about herself, her business and how PurView continues to play a part in her day-to-day. PurView-Proactive-Perspective-blog-Bethany

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself, your role and how long you’ve worked in the industry:

A: I am a wife, mother and full time mortgage agent, who has been in the industry since the very end of March 2022.

Q: Why did you become a mortgage agent?

A: Three years ago, my husband and I began the house hunting process, and I was so interested in the mortgage aspect of it. I told him shortly after, I would love to be a mortgage agent! However, at that time, I had been a Registered Nurse for about five years, and had no plans of leaving a stable income career. Fast forward to a pandemic and a baby, and I decided while I was on maternity leave to become an agent so I would only have to go back to the hospital part time, and be able to be home with my daughter. During my maternity leave, not only did I complete the course, I actually became quite busy and built a business that allowed me to be able to “retire” from nursing. Now I have two children, and am a full time, working from home business woman!

Q: How does PurView help you in your daily business?

A: PurView has been so helpful in assisting me when meeting with my clients to get an approximate idea of home value. It has also assisted me in some cases, with avoiding the need for a full appraisal, as well as filling in relevant information when it comes to refinance applications, as it gives legal descriptions of properties and lot sizes.

Q: How do you leverage PurView to remain competitive in the current market climate?

A: A REALTOR® partner of mine told me a horror story about a client who had sold her home, and 48 hours before closing, her lawyer notified her that there was quite an expensive lien on her property that would have to be paid out from proceeds. This was a very tough situation for her, as she had budgeted expenses to move on to her new home. I decided to leverage PurView and my expertise to go one step further with clients. Now, when a client is refinancing or selling, I pull a PurView report of their home, and am able to see if a lien is registered on the property. This gives the client time to work with the lawyer to determine what the lien is for, and how much is owing, to allow them to budget ahead of time for any necessary expenses as a result.

Q: Do you have any advice for new mortgage agents that are just entering the industry?

A: Touch your business every single day. When you become self-employed, it is very easy to take days off and sit around and wait for business. When I first started I made the habit of filling my days with lender calls, REALTOR® meetings, calling referrals and learning underwriting guidelines. You will get out of your mortgage business what you put into it. If you want it to be your full time career, treat it as a full time career.

Thank you to Bethany for sharing her story with us! If you would like to learn more about PurView and how to leverage it in your business, click here.