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To help us gain deeper insight into the various ways you use PurView in your business, we asked the question ‘How do you use PurView to engage with your existing clients?’ Many users shared their proactive perspective with us, including one of our contest winners, Daniel Vyner.

We are excited to highlight the successes of Daniel, and learn more about his experience in the industry and how PurView plays a critical role in his business.

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself and your role

A: My name is Daniel Vyner; I am the Principal Broker of DV Capital, a Toronto-based mortgage firm operating in Ontario, British Columbia and Nova Scotia. In 2011, I joined the mortgage industry with a prominent family-founded Toronto-based mortgage investment corporation. During this time, I gained intensive experience with all facets of the mortgage loan cycle: origination, underwriting, capital-raising and administration. In 2019, I pivoted and opened DV Capital, where I continue to uphold and create new professional relationships and expand product offerings across a larger geographic territory.

Q: Why did you become a mortgage broker?

A: As mentioned, I entered the mortgage industry, given my relationship with a related and well-established mortgage firm. This opportunity provided me with an accelerated trajectory into the private mortgage space. I am pleased that I entered the mortgage industry and encourage others to consider doing the same if they feel cut out to do so.

Q: How does PurView help you in your daily business?

A: PurView is undoubtedly the most powerful software in our arsenal. It protects our time, energy and resources, three incredibly valuable assets. With lightning speed, we can verify who is on title of the subject property, when the property last traded, to whom and for how much money, and if, when and how existing mortgages were registered.

Q: How do you leverage PurView to remain competitive in the current market climate?

A: PurView provides us immediate insights into the subject property, eliminating wasting time that, in most cases, could affect or entirely jeopardize a mortgage transaction. Pulling a PurView report at the onset of a mortgage application is to the benefit of all transaction stakeholders, including the mortgage broker, lender and client.

Q: Do you have any advice for new mortgage agents that are just entering the industry?

A: Develop an understanding of the real estate and mortgage market, mortgage lenders and their products. Strive for excellence, focus on a niche, strive to aggressively and strategically grow your client base and brand, cultivate a diverse professional network, protect your good reputation at all costs and always keep in mind the best interests of your clients.

Thank you to Daniel for sharing his story with us! If you would like to learn more about PurView and how to leverage it in your business, click here.