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There are many capabilities available in Purview that can take your mortgage business to the next level using property data sourced from provincial land registries.

However, how can you be confident that you are taking advantage of all of them?

We will outline all the capabilities available so you can be certain that you are making the most of your Purview solution.

  1. Property Details

In one simple report, you can quickly review the legal description of a property, including size, address, and registered homeowners. This can validate information the homeowner tells you and reveal any people on title who were not previously identified.

  1. Ownership and Sales History

This allows you to confirm all legal homeowners, plus view a sales history of the property, including private sales and exclusives.

  1. Estimated Value

Based on a proven Automated Valuation Model (AVM) this will give you a property value estimate that you can use to validate a deal or discover upsell opportunities before moving forward.

  1. Comparable Sales

Another great tool for estimating value — quickly find the neighbourhood sales comparables to see how other properties have been selling.

  1. Equity Estimate

Quickly discover details about all registered mortgages on title, or estimate equity for mortgage refinances, home equity lines of credit, and more.

  1. Aerial Imagery

View the subject property and adjacent surroundings without visiting the premises. Aerial imagery gives you a bird’s eye view, street imagery, and more.

For lenders and insurers:

  1. Check Liens

Uncover any liens that may have been registered against the property.

  1. Fraud Check

Quickly check for suspicious activity or flags that could indicate potential fraud.

  1. Parcel Registers*

Review any registered encumbrances, including liens, mortgages, transfers, and more, and acquire an instrument number. This report is generated in real time.

  1. Instrument Images*

If you have uncovered an instrument, access an image of the registered document associated to it.


  1. PIN Monitoring

A brand-new feature available on the Purview platform, PIN Monitoring is a unique solution designed to mitigate risk and optimize portfolio analysis. Track day-forward title registration activity and be notified of significant changes to PINs for properties you have interest in.

You can also monitor registration activity for flagged properties, assess your portfolio health, and be notified instantly when something changes by email or on your Purview platform.

With Purview, mortgage professionals truly have the power of more — more information, more referrals, more deals.

Access your suite of solutions today. Contact Purview at 1-855-787-8439 or visit

Our portfolio of solutions for the financial industry is growing. Stay tuned for more information.

*An official product of the Ontario government pursuant to provincial land registration statutes.