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Congratulations! You are embarking on an exciting journey in the dynamic mortgage industry.

As the mortgage industry in Canada continues to evolve with every passing day, we have put together a set of resources that can help you navigate the market and equip yourself with the information you need to successfully close deals.

Gain Access to Reliable Tech-Savvy Solutions

The COVID-19 pandemic made many industries speed up their pace of technology adoption. Real Estate was one of them.

Customers now demand agility, innovation, and greater value. This is why it is essential, for you, to have access to financial and property valuation solutions that are technologically advanced.

Filogix, for instance, is a good example of a financial, cloud-based solution. The organization delivers software solutions that allow mortgage companies to upgrade their current systems through an open interface.

Similarly, you can also leverage AVM technology to accurately determine property values.

An AVM is a mathematically based computer program, which produces a residential property value estimate based on the analysis of different factors like public record data, location, and market conditions.

Purview AVM can help you verify home equity, mitigate risk, and uncover critical information that can prompt further due diligence.

By leveraging these solutions, you can streamline your processes, improve lender-broker alignment, and have access to secure online means of information sharing.

Leverage Digital Resources

When it comes to mortgage solutions, paper-based applications are not only time-consuming but also harder to organize and store.

Today, it’s all about convenience. Gone are the days of using paper-based documentation. By using online solutions, you can easily reduce closing times as well as improve the borrower’s experience.

By using digital solutions like DocuSign, you can centralize all of your mortgage documents, and get them signed electronically in record time. These online tools not only simplify the process but also enable you to securely get things done without having to worry about scheduling appointments and travelling long distances to obtain signatures.

Continue to Learn and Grow

The mortgage industry is evolving continuously. This is why it is critical to learn about new developments and equip yourself with the knowledge you need to help your customers and partners.

Multiple programs are being offered by accredited institutions and organizations that can help you upskill yourself and stay competitive.

For instance, Mortgage Professionals Canada has developed Continuing Education Programs that can help you gain knowledge and have access to relevant information that can help you succeed.

You can find more information about these programs here.

Be Active on Social Media

You can not only use social media channels, particularly LinkedIn, to stay updated about emerging trends and new developments but also network with the right people to generate leads.

In fact, networking is key in this industry.

With physical interaction being affected by COVID-19, you can continue to build and grow your professional network online. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is updated and personalized.

Don’t shy away from talking about yourself.

Remember, your profile is your online presence. It should be interesting enough for potential lenders and other stakeholders to connect with you.

Connect with real estate agents, real estate lawyers, investors, developers, and more. Engage with these individuals on threads and in groups. Start thought-provoking discussions and publish LinkedIn blogs.

The possibilities are endless…

These are just a few things that should be in your professional toolbox. If you’d like to know more about Purview’s property valuation solutions and reports, contact us at 1.855.787.8439 or visit 

What resources, in your opinion, are absolutely critical for new mortgage professionals? Let us know on social media. Purview is on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn.