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Your business is competitive and we know it. Outside of other brokers, you’re competing with banks that have massive mortgage marketing budgets, extensive client relationships, and the ability to undercut you on rate at any moment.

If you want to better market your services, you have to establish yourself as more than just a rate shopper. Your value is far greater.

Have you considered offering:

  • Prepayment privileges?
  • Knowledge about many lenders’ products?
  • Smoother mortgage closings?


If you are considering offering those services, how can you take that and apply it to selling? Simple. Look at your tools.

Think of what you can offer to customers that really adds value. Look at your Purview report, for example. This can be used to not only look at past customers you have arranged financing for to find refinance solicitation opportunities, but you can also use it to reach out to prospects to open up a discussion about refinancing their home.

Many homeowners don’t even realize how much equity they have in their home and your property assessment may inspire them to sell (landing you their next mortgage). Or use home equity to consolidate debt, renovate, pay for children’s education, finance business ventures, and more.

How do you know where to put your marketing capital? The Canadian real estate market is in a constant state of fluctuation. Staying on top of market conditions and trends can feel like a full-time job in and of itself, but doing so is crucial to your success. You don’t have to go it alone.

Keep up-to-date by reading blogs and watching the news. Technology can also help, allowing you to access accurate data with the swipe of your thumb. Existing reports and tools, such as the Teranet Market Insights report and your Purview report, can give you deeper data and guidance on the best areas to place your mortgage marketing dollars.

Want more tools, or assistance leveraging the ones you already have? Call Purview today at 1.855.787.8439 or visit