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Welcome to the latest edition of Pointers of the month, a blog that features quick training and video demos that will help you learn more about PurView.

We’ve heard that some users have had difficulty locating properties in PurView as condominium properties are automatically defaulted in the search results. To ensure no time is wasted when searching for a property, here’s a summary of how you can filter out condominium properties.

Condominium properties are automatically defaulted

You may have found that when searching for a properties within PurView that condominium properties populate instead of residential homes. This is because the search results are automatically defaulted to Condominium properties when two numbers are inputted into the search field and the results are not as valid when numbered street names replace non-numbered street names.

This occurs when you’re searching for a property where the presence of two numbers are in the search field (Street Number – Address and Street name – A Number) which sets a priority for Condominium/Unit # addresses.

When reviewing the search results, look at the unique numeric identifier such as the Personal Identification Description (PID), Property Identification Number (PIN), or Land Identification Numeric Code (LINC) so you can identify the correct property when two similar addresses are identified.

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