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Knowledge is power. And in the mortgage business, more knowledge translates into more lead generation, efficient deals and risk mitigation. Lead generation leads to sales. If you want access to the tools that provide maximum information and data, the best view is PurView.

PurView allows you to learn what you need to know about a property, a neighbourhood and a homeowner all in one place. PurView reports give you access to ownership information, property value, registered mortgages and many other data attributes that can help you spot potential issues with deals early on and uncover new opportunities – ultimately strengthening both your client and lender relationships.

A PurView report is a real time estimate of the value of the subject property at a user specified date. In addition, the Report includes the property address, legal description, ownership and mortgage information, neighbourhood statistics, and comparable sales – all enhanced with street view and aerial imagery. Reports are generated in real time and are available instantly.

Lead generation

Lead generation is also an important aspect of our business and PurView is the ace up your sleeve. It’s a tool that can help identify opportunities and facilitate due diligence at a much lower cost than other offerings. It provides comprehensive insight into a property, with authoritative data that’s not available anywhere else. PurView enables you to check up on clients’ properties and keep them abreast of any changes, like activity in their neighbourhood or an increase in the value of their property, that could lead to new mortgage deals.

Other providers and services may have bits and pieces of the information you require. But only PurView, backed by Teranet, is trusted by governments to be custodian of all real estate information. Governments across Canada view us as a trusted partner and we provide that proprietary information to you through PurView.

Risk Mitigation

PurView helps brokers like you mitigate risk and avoid wasted time and energy on deals with potential roadblocks. For example, it allows users to pre-determine equity and to reduce chances of client insolvency and also ensure previous mortgages have been discharged properly. Advanced fraud detection technologies also make it easier for you to protect yourself and your clients.

Continuous improvement

PurView is dynamic and constantly evolving. Our extensive customer base provides us with feedback and suggestions for continuous improvement. When you use PurView, you can be part of Teranet’s Insighters community, a space for Canadian mortgage and real estate professionals to share their voice with us about what is affecting their business and what solutions would help them most.

As a member of Teranet Insighters, you can provide regular feedback that will help us with important decisions that directly impact customers.

So enhance your view – with PurView for Mortgage Brokers.