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We’ve heard that some users may be confused between the difference of topping up your PurView reports and renewing your Mortgage Broker subscription.

In this blog we will address the difference between these two activities and review some key steps that can assist in successfully topping up your reports.

How to Top-Up your PurView Reports

Topping up your reports allows you to add additional reports to your account but does not renew your subscription. When you purchase top-up reports, it’s important to know they will roll-over into your next subscription once you renew. Please note, top-up reports that you purchase will roll-over into your next 12-month subscription if you renew 28 days or less from your subscription expiry date.

If you’ve found yourself running out of PurView reports before your subscription period ends, we have you covered. Follow these simple steps to top-up your reports:

  1. As you’re logged into your PurView account, click on the ‘Dashboard’ tab at the top of your screen. Within this tab you can see how many PurView reports you have available.
  2. To add more reports, click on ‘Top-Up my Reports’ and from there you can select how many reports to add to your account instantaneously. You have the option of adding a discount code if you’re purchasing 50 reports in one transaction. If applicable, please speak to your PurView administrator to get access to your discount code.
  3. Click ‘Purchase Top-Up Reports’ and you’ll be taken to a check-out screen that allows you to view your order summary.
  4. You can then proceed to enter your credit card details under Payment Information.
  5. Once the transaction is approved, you will be emailed a receipt and your top-up reports will automatically be added to your account. You can view how many reports are available in your dashboard tab.

We’ve also created a step-by-step video to make this process even simpler for you: How to Top-Up your PurView Reports.

How to Renew your Annual PurView Subscription

If it’s time to renew your 12-month subscription, please follow the link that was provided to you in your subscription renewal email to complete the applicable form. If you need further assistance, you can watch our demo video on How to Renew your PurView for Mortgage Broker Subscription.

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