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Did you know? In Ontario, many mortgage brokers, mortgage lenders, mortgage insurers, real estate agents, real estate lawyers, and more are accessing their property data from the same source.

That source is POLARIS, the Province of Ontario Land Registry Information System.

Teranet is the exclusive provider of Ontario’s online property search and registration. POLARIS is the search/registration and property maintenance system for all automated land records in Ontario. The way the title data is stored in POLARIS enables it to be accessed and exported by other applications in sophisticated ways. This web interface allows Land Registry Office staff to create, maintain, and update official data, which can then be retrieved by:

  • Teraview®, proprietary software used by lawyers, paralegals, title searchers, title insurers, financial institutions and more.
  • ROSCO®, the Remote Online Search Capability Ontario that has more than 100 terminals at Land Registry Offices and Service Ontario locations across the province.
  • Geowarehouse®, a web-based, centralized property information source that provides state of the art mapping and research tools, as well as professional reports, to real estate agents, appraisers, developers, and more.
  • Teranet eXpress®, a property search service that lets customers search and print Parcel Registers* from the POLARIS database.
  • And, of course, Purview®, which provides tools for mortgage brokers, lenders, and agents, giving them the power of more.

Why do so many mortgage and real estate professionals rely on POLARIS? Because it’s the most accurate, current, and accessible land registry information in the province. The data contained in POLARIS is the official land registration data of the Province of Ontario. All title data is digital, and most information can be accessed instantly.

If you are working with other mortgage or real estate professionals, alignment is key to closing more deals and mitigating fraud. Being on the same page as your collaborators is essential, but so is using property data that you can trust. With the property data from POLARIS, you get both in one tool.

Plus, with so many Teranet solutions using the data from POLARIS, there is a tool for everyone. If the person you are working with is not using POLARIS data, it’s easy for them to get started.

Learn how you or your mortgage business partners can access POLARIS today. Call Purview at 1.855.787.8439 or visit