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Proactive Perspective: Congratulations to our winners!

Last month, we hosted a contest in which PurView users shared they ways they leverage the platform when engaging with their existing customers. We are grateful to all who contributed their success stories and would like to congratulate our following contest winners!

Here are the many ways our winners use PurView to engage with their clients:

“I love how in PurView, it gives the option to see that there are liens registered on the property. This allowed me to engage with clients two ways:
  1. Open dialogue to determine if they are aware there is a lien registered on the property which can help protect them
  2. For budgeting purposes when it comes to a refinance or a sale of their home I know ahead of time there is a lien. Then we can determine what it is for and include it in the payout amount. This is so helpful so clients aren’t surprised with unexpected costs at closing.
This conversation has set me apart from other brokers and really pleased clients, and it’s all information that is on the purview report I am pulling anyway.”

          – Bethany Gradwell, Mortgage Agent, Momunmental Mortgages


“PurView is an incredible tool that provides great insights not only to the Mortgage Professional, but to the consumer, as many times, mortgages are registered in manners unknown to the consumer, particularly involving collateral charges or blanket registrations. With the additional feature to pull title parcels, this provides a greater scope of due diligence that arms Mortgage Brokers out of the gates.”

          – Daniel Vyner, Principal Broker, DV Capital Corporation


“PurView can be used for so many beneficial things as a Mortgage Agent! The main item being the ability to pull a client’s property to estimate equity before submitting a file and committing to an appraisal. It also helps us decipher what mortgages are registered on said property, and when they were! As well as liens against the property, such as equipment rentals etc.. PurView has saved me many times in the past, by that feature alone! It is amazing to be able to set your client up for success by properly informing them where their property currently stands.
But, the greatest way PurView assist me with client engagement is by doing a pull of a existing client’s current property, and doing a mailout. In this mailout, I provide them with this PurView property report and explain that there is potential to tap into equity, by showing them the estimated market value as of then on the pull. It is a great way to reach out to your current database/previous clients to engage a response and more business. Who knows, maybe they were just thinking about getting a loan, but realized they had so much equity in their home that it just makes sense to borrow against it!
Time and time again, PurView never fails to make this job 100% more streamline and beneficial.”

          – Vanessa Thornton, Mortgage Agent, Rock Capital Mortgages


“As a Mortgage Agent in my “retirement” years, I specialize in obtaining Reverse Mortgages for my retiree clients who are finding it difficult to make ends meet and dealing with inflation with fixed pension income. I use PurView to show how much their property is worth in the market today, and then we calculate how much money is available in equity for them to supplement their retirement pension income. In some cases, home equity is used to renovate and modify their home so that they can remain in their home for much longer with the assistance of these modifications. It is particularly satisfying to show a client the amount of equity available as a solution to their concern. Often their adult children are also pleased to see their parents relieved of financial stress, and able to stay in their home.”

          – Doug Girven, Mortgage Agent, Mission 35 Mortgages


“We love the PurView platform! There are several ways we use the PurView platform to engage and reengage with customers. Here are just a few of the ways PurView helps us help our customers:
  1. We use it to better understand the current market value of a customer’s property prior to asking them to pay money for an appraisal. If after analyzing the value using PurView we feel that the value will absolutely not come in on the appraisal, we will not advise the customer to proceed with the appraisal. Instead we send them the PurView report and ask that they remain patient when needed and when possible, and we check back on a regular basis to see if activity and values have increased in their areas.
  2. Another way is that we monitor the activity on the various registrations that are on title to check in with customers periodically and ask them if they would like our help with renewing or refinancing out those other charges.
  3. Another great and helpful way that we use PurView is whenever an appraisal comes in at a lower than expected value and we feel it should have been a higher value, we use the recent sales listed on PurView to work with the appraiser and see if they missed any recent sale comparables.
These are just 3 great ways that PurView helps us connect and engage our customers.”

          – Steven Tulman, President & Principal Broker, Clover Mortgage Inc.


Stay tuned for more from our winners, as we share their stories and how they continue to leverage PurView in their daily business!