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We are committed to offering products and services that meet the needs of our customers, which is why we recently asked PurView for mortgage broker users… Why do you PurView? 435 mortgage brokers let us know how they use PurView to optimize their business and process deals smoothly. Of these entries, we selected five winners, the last of which is Alan Nicholas!

We spoke to Alan recently to discuss his business, why he got into the industry and why he uses PurView.

Here’s what he told us!

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself, your role and how long you’ve worked in the industry?

A: I’m a father, a husband, a homeowner and have been helping families buy homes for almost 20 years.

Q: Why did you choose to become a mortgage broker?

A: Originally, I had a hard time buying my first home. The hoops I had to jump through, and the additional complications almost turned me away. I realized that many people in our community were having the same problem, so I began studying ways to ensure everyone had an opportunity to then or one day buy a home.

Q: Why do you PurView?

A: PurView is one of our most trusted products in the so called “toolbox”. It provides information on properties that allow us to determine spelling of clients’ names, registered mortgages, the legal and municipal address of a specific property, registered mortgages and so much more. We can determine a very close evaluation of a home and use the combination of information to provide a well-versed application while conversing with both the client and lender. I’ve come to rely on my partnership with Teranet while using this tool. Its value is high on my list, and I appreciate PurView’s abilities.

Q: How does PurView give you a critical edge over the competition?

A: PurView allows me to have knowledgeable conversations with clients when it comes to exact dates, spelling, values and the history of their property. I can see liens, history and who the mortgage companies are. I get a value that I can work with and can estimate maturity dates. All this information is easily accessible in one spot.

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