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Recently, we asked our mortgage broker customers, why do you PurView? 435 mortgage brokers let us know how they use PurView to optimize their business and process deals smoothly. Of these 435 entries, we selected five winners, the first of which is Adam Stapley!

We spoke to Adam recently to discuss his business, why he got into the industry and how PurView helps him differentiate himself from the competition.

Here’s what he told us!

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself, your role and how long you’ve worked in the industry?

A: I’ve been an agent with Capital Lending Centre, which has been rebranded to Pineapple Financial, since late 2018. I left a previous career in the horse racing industry and jumped into brokering in 2019 full time. This career has provided me the opportunity to make great connections, new friendships and enjoy life on my own terms. I look forward to building a lasting business that helps me continue to reach my high-level goals.

Q: Why did you choose to become a mortgage broker?

A: I originally wanted to become a real estate agent. My family has a long history of investing in real estate and I thought that becoming a real estate agent would help me make a lot of money doing something exciting. While researching how to begin that career, REMIC ran a great ad comparing real estate brokering with mortgage brokering and the length of time it takes to get your respective licenses. At the bottom of the ad, they said “And why can’t you do both?”. I took what I saw as the “easy path” by completing my mortgage course and spending six months in the industry. I shortly realized all of the possibilities to help people reach financial freedom by using a problem-solving, service-driven approach. I haven’t looked back since.

Q: Why do you PurView?

A: PurView has saved my team many times by helping us identify potential issues such as collateral charges, liens and ownership issues that might not have been obvious at first when going through KYC with our clients. This platform is an invaluable tool in my business and something that I utilize almost daily.

Q: How does PurView give you a critical edge over the competition?

A: PurView enables me to find solutions for challenges to finance properties through a sneak peek at who already has a mortgage on the property. The platform also keeps me on top of industry pricing trends and presents valuable information throughout the year to keep me on the leading edge of what’s happening within our industry.