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The real estate market has seen unpredictable growth in the past few years, creating a competitive and complex environment for everyone involved in property transactions. In this industry it’s important to stay ahead of the curve with the most accurate data. But with so many data sources channeling in, how can you be sure what you’re using is the most accurate?

Our latest whitepaper explains the different kinds of property data available in the market, expands on the strength of land registry data, provides an outline of the data points available within PurView and much more! To access the whitepaper please click here, or you can read further to learn about the three key elements we’ve identified to look for when selecting a one-stop shop solution:

Accurate Property Data

Accurate property data is critical for many industry professionals involved in a property transaction. This data showcases a detailed picture of a property so that clients can make appropriate, confident, and data approved decisions in their business transaction whether it be an investment opportunity, mortgage, or insurance related. Not only does accurate data provide peace of mind throughout the business workflow, but it assists in mitigating any potential risks along the way which can prove to be increasingly valuable.

Trusted Authoritative Data

In today’s industry, it’s common to have data pushed through various sources, but how can you trust the information that’s being provided to you or which source is accurate over the other? Authoritative data provides information that has been certified and marked with a professional stamp to let you know that you can trust that the data flowing through the appropriate channels is approved by an authority.

Comprehensive Land Registry Data

Land Registry Data provides accurate information on the location of the property or land, who owns it, if there were any changes in ownership including applicable sales and transfers, and what – if any – encumbrances such as a mortgage or lien are against the property. Two different types of property-record data sets are available such as land registry data and non-registry data which can assist in providing a holistic and accurate depiction of transactional data you’re looking for.

How does PurView bring it all together?

Our PurView solution is available to various industry professionals and does the heavy lifting, in only a matter of minutes to provide you with a detailed and comprehensive report based on authoritative data. PurView offers a streamlined service for you to access a comprehensive record of property information from a single source of truth.

Download our whitepaper to learn more about property data and the strength of our PurView solution.