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Teranet is excited to announce that we recently launched our new channel on BHBTV called, the Teranet channel. BHBTV is an exclusive streaming service for North American mortgage professionals that has partnered with influential and reputational companies across Canada and the United States to deliver timely, effective and resourceful content to the community.

At Teranet, we wanted to look into new ways to connect with the Mortgage Broker community. That is why we’ve invested in this channel to provide more awareness around Teranet’s community, products and services to the broader network.

Here are some videos you can expect to see drop on the channel in 2023:
  • The ‘PurView Pointers’ series of demo videos is aimed to better assist our users with navigating the PurView platform, finding their way around analyzing the data in PurView property reports and administrative tasks to set you up for success as you use PurView apart of your business due diligence.
  • You can expect to see videos about the Teranet Insighters community outlining the benefits, new insights and ultimately why we’ve invested in this platform to bring together hundreds of Mortgage Brokers, Lenders and Real Estate Professionals
  • You can find highlights of our latest Quarterly Market Insight Reports to learn more about key takeaways and related data from the report and latest recordings of our Teranet Market Insight Forum’s that will be introduced to the platform in segments.

Tune into the Teranet channel to learn from your peers and elevate your success. Click here to access our channel and start learning today!

You can also find BHBTV on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook in case you’d like to follow them for more industry related content about Teranet and PurView as soon as a new video drops.