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At Teranet we are dedicated to providing mortgage brokers with the data they require to complete due diligence, ensure deals close as smoothly as possible, position themselves as the industry expert and ultimately, provide exceptional customer experiences.

We understand that in a slower market not all mortgage brokers require the 50 reports available in PurView’s standard annual subscription. However, these brokers still want to access the ownership, registered mortgage, property and neighbourhood information that is available in a PurView report.

That’s why we’re excited to announce our new annual PurView subscription… 10 reports for $100 annually.

The same great PurView… just with fewer reports!

Mortgage brokers are now empowered to choose the PurView subscription that is best for them. If you require the standard 50 reports for $500 annually, don’t worry! This offering isn’t going anywhere, we simply want to offer our customers the opportunity to choose what is right for them and their business.

What is the difference between this subscription and the standard PurView subscription?

There are no differences between the property report available in the standard (50 reports for $500) and smaller (10 reports for $100) PurView subscriptions. Additionally, all PurView users have the ability to top-up their account and purchase extra reports if they run out of the reports in the platform. All mortgage brokers also have the opportunity to purchase Parcel Registers/Title Searches directly from the PurView platform.

The only difference between the two subscriptions is broker network discounts cannot be applied to the 10 reports for $100 annual subscription.

How can I purchase this new subscription?

If you’re an existing PurView customer you can choose this new subscription when it comes time for renewal. All PurView renewals happen directly in the platform now, which makes this process even easier!

If you don’t already have a PurView subscription, click here to purchase the 10 reports for $100 annual subscription.

Have questions?

Feel free to contact our Customer Service Centre with any questions you may have. The team can be reached at 1.855.787.8439 or via email a