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Have you heard about PIN Monitoring?

PIN Monitoring is a new solution available to Purview users that allows mortgage professionals to improve portfolio health and mitigate risk with up-to-date property insights.

Receive notifications for registration activity on properties in your securitized portfolio.

With PIN Monitoring you can:

  • Track title registration activity for properties you have an interest in.
  • Get notified when something is registered on the property.
  • Assess portfolio health by reviewing activity, such as mortgage registrations, discharges, or tax liens.
  • Monitor risk indicators, such as analyzing key instruments like CRA liens, judgments, power of sales, and more that could demonstrate risk or fraud flags.
  • Enhance business processes by having full transparency on title activity. This can allow you to boost client retention strategies and optimize your workflow.

PIN Monitoring gives you the power of knowledge. Proactively know more sooner to improve your processes, mitigate risk, and get a competitive advantage. It is delivered on the Purview platform or through web services.

Discover all the PIN Monitoring benefits and opportunities today. Download our comprehensive brochure: PIN Monitoring Brochure

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