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Imagine if you could take action on mortgage opportunities with lightning speed… What would your business look like then?

You might be able to:

  • Act on mortgage discharges as they happen.
  • Offer assistance to clients who have tax liens or judgments registered against their mortgage.
  • Discover if a client adds a second mortgage or other mortgage product onto their first one.
  • And more…

All of this is possible with one new tool, available from Purview:

PIN Monitoring.

With PIN Monitoring, you can improve your portfolio health and mitigate risk with up-to-date property insights.

  • Track day-forward title registration activity.
  • Be notified when significant changes to title for properties (PINs) in which you have interest occur.
  • Monitor registration activity that has occurred for flagged properties.
  • Never miss a notification by choosing to receive it through email and on the Monitoring module in Purview.

This can help you assess your portfolio health, monitor risk indicators, enhance your business processes, and take action on mortgage opportunities with lightning speed.

Take the proactive approach today. Teranet works with you to determine which instruments you would like to track based on your unique objectives. Our customer success team then sets up assigned users with training and education to ensure optimal use.

Learn more about PIN Monitoring from Purview by calling 1-855-787-8439 or visiting

Purview is just one of Teranet’s Financial Services Solutions; stay tuned for our upcoming portfolio unveiling!