Through land title data, we can tell you the specifics about a property and its history - everything from its financial background, to ownership records, to sales and valuation information.


Why do financial institutions, mortgage agents and brokers, and Canadian mortgage insurers rely on Purview? Because Purview provides you access to fast, convenient, accurate, and reliable land title data to perform all the research and analysis you need when investigating a property, homeowner, or neighbourhood in Canada, helping you manage your organization’s overall risk – 24/7, on-demand.


Purview enables you do to more in one place. Browse the diverse range of features available to you when you use Purview.

Property Details

Review the property’s legal description, size, address, and homeowners.

Ownership & Sales History

Confirm all current legal homeowners and review the property’s sales history.

Estimated Value

Based on a proven Automated Valuation Model, our AVM will help you estimate a property’s value accurately.

Equity Estimate

Learn details about all registered mortgages on title and estimate the equity available in a property.

Comparable Sales

Quickly review neighbourhood sales comparables.

Aerial Imagery

View the property and adjacent structures using bird’s eye imagery, aerial imagery, street view imagery, and more.

Lenders & Insurers

Check Liens

Uncover any liens that may be registered against the property.

Fraud Check

Up to 18 customizable real estate fraud checks can save you time by quickly checking for potential suspicious activity and flagging applications that warrant further investigation.

Other Searches

Conveniently access Parcel Registers* and Instrument Images* for specific properties within the Province of Ontario.

* An official product of the Ontario government pursuant to provincial land registration statutes.

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Our Commitment to Data

Accuracy, Completeness, Coverage, Timeliness

The foundation for creating value is our data. Our vision is to be the most trusted source of real estate market insights, based on the highest quality, most comprehensive dataset in Canada. Our focus on data accuracy, completeness, coverage, and timeliness ensures the highest quality dataset for land information is available to our customers and partners.

From individual property details to extensive neighborhood, provincial, and national perspectives, our customers benefit from greater insight and analytics into the Canadian housing and mortgage market.

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