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PurView users now have the ability to purchase Title Searches/Certificates in the provinces of Alberta and British Columbia.

What are the benefits of pulling a Title Search/Certificate?

A Title Search is the official report of record for a title to land in British Columbia as maintained by the Land Title and Survey Authority of British Columbia (LTSA). A Title Certificate is the official report of record for a Title to Land in Alberta as maintained by the Land Titles Office, part of the Registry Services Division of Service Alberta. The Title Search/Certificate is delivered as an electronic report, these documents present the property’s legal description and the registered owner(s) of the property – including the percentage and type of ownership. Additionally Title Searches/Certificates include the Personal Identification Description (PID) for British Columbia properties and Land Identification Numeric Code (LINC) for Alberta properties.

Title Searches/Certificates are beneficial to Mortgage Brokers as they detail the history of ownership, along with the registration and discharges of any mortgages, liens or other types of encumbrances that can be beneficial to know at the start of the application process.

Why should I conduct a Title Search/Certificate?

Title Searches/Certificates can help to enhance your business due diligence. The information provided in these documents help you to gain greater insight into a property’s details and to confirm that all of the registered owners have been included on title. When you purchase a Title Search/Certificate you will have a complete report of all registered instruments, some of which may delay or prevent a deal from closing. It’s important to confirm that the instruments which may affect the property have been properly removed from title, and pulling a Title Search/Certificate is the perfect way to confirm that this has been done and discloses any impediments that could prevent the transaction from closing.

In short, when you couple PurView’s authoritative land registry data with a Title Search/Certificate you’ll have access to the full picture of a property and borrower. This is the single source of truth that will give you the confidence that you’re moving forward with a deal that will likely close.

How can I purchase a Title Search/Certificate?

Title Searches/Certificates for Alberta and British Columbia properties can be purchased in PurView. PurView users are able to include the Title Search/Certificate information when generating a PurView property report in Alberta and British Columbia or you can purchase a Title Search/Certificate separately.

If you aren’t a PurView user today and would like to access Title Searches/Certificates as a Mortgage Broker, click here to purchase a PurView subscription!