About Us

Teranet LogoTeranet is an international leader in electronic land registration and is the exclusive provider of online property search and registration in Ontario. Teranet developed, owns, and operates Ontario’s Electronic Land Registration System (ELRS) and facilitates the delivery of electronic land registration services on behalf of the Province. The ELRS is the means by which ownership of real property and interests on title are searched, recorded, and transferred in the Province of Ontario and is widely recognized as one of the most advanced, secure, and sophisticated electronic land registration systems in the world.

Teranet is owned by OMERS Infastructure, a leading global infrastructure investment manager and the infrastructure arm of the Ontario Municipal Employee Retirement System.

Commercial Solutions from Teranet

As a trusted provider to the financial services industry, Teranet delivers access to information that allows customers to mitigate fraud and make better mortgage underwriting and mortgage insurance decisions. Teranet also provides automated property valuation tools and other risk management products for Canadian financial institutions, mortgage lenders, property, title or mortgage insurers, and real estate portfolio managers.

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